Grendal dropship


  1. Really pleased with this one, turned out quite nice. Bit of a cliché, but i don't care, dropships are just cool, deal with it :)

    bit of a homage to the ALIENS drop ship, that film was a massive influence on me as an artist. There's a bit of an Apache gunship, some Russian gunship, harrier jump jet and even a touch of thunderbird 2 in there. my plan was to cover it in weapon but just ended up going with one 30 mm cannon. Figured its job was just delivering troops, doesn't really stay around to fight.

  2. Yeah,
    Great stuff. How long did that take? Nice detail and rendering. Is it just one block shaped brush scaled?
    With regards to sci-fi hard ware check out this blog
    He use's digital painting AND line art- for cicles and elipses etc

  3. Hey Ian, sorry for the late reply, havnt been on my site for a while, just recently posted some new bits this week, just saw your comment.

    Took a while this one as i was playing around with the layout of the differant sections on it, the wings and engines etc, but the actual rendering was a few hours max. I purposely styaed as loose as i could with it and used a square brush for about 90 percent of it. I find that when i get to the end of a painting i tend to ramp up the highlights and contrast but wanted a more matte finish to this for a slightly more realistc look to the rendering.

  4. Hi,
    I found out that your Grendel design will be produced by Antenocitis Workshop. It is an incredibly good looking design and I plan to purchase several when they go up for sale.

    Would you be able to tell me the wing span and length of the drop-ship?

  5. Hey John. Sorry, i cant tell you the wingspan etc as i dont really know, wasnt factored in as i was designing it, was just drawing and that came out.

  6. Hot dam, now that is some great ship you made, stupendous job